Irish Dads Words of Wisdom

by Averil @ An Post Insurance | Jun 19, 2020

Irish Dads Words of Wisdom

With Father’s Day on Sunday June 21st, it’s time to celebrate and honour all the fantastic father figures in our lives.  No-one has better advice and unique sayings than the Dad’s in our lives making sure we are safe and entertained in their own special way.  Here we have a look at some of the priceless ways our Dads help us out including some pearls of wisdom and classic ‘Dadisms’ we all love from our very own superheroes.

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Driving Doozies

Teaching you to drive even though he’s terrified you'll wreck his pride and joy.

Asking about and then kicking your tyres to check their pressure.

On spotting your low fuel tank, “don’t be letting the tank go so low, it’ll only dredge up all the dirt and will make bits of your engine”.

Dads seem to be the only ones who can meet a Garda checkpoint and not go into full panic mode even though everything is in order.

DIY Master

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Just like ‘Tim the Tool Man Taylor’, he knows the right tools for the right jobs and more than likely has them all after numerous trips to various DIY shops.  Even if it’s only needed once, he refuses to borrow or rent… “sure you’d never know when you might need it again, isn’t it better to have it and not need it, than not have it and need it”

Security Specialist

Before bed or when leaving the house… the military operation of walking around the house locking windows and doors, plugging out everything in sight (there goes your series link for your late night show, but it has to be done… “what if there was lightning during the night”).

The Ability to See Through Closed Eyes

Watching TV and falling asleep, full on snoring mode, but if you attempt to change the channel or turn the TV off he protests strongly “Hey I was watching that”… “but you were asleep Dad”.…”No I wasn’t, I was just resting my eyes”.

This super power also works through closed doors… when he leaves the rugby on and goes outside to do a bit of work and someone turns off the TV (that nobody is watching)… when he returns… “ah who turned off the TV I was watching the Rugby”

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Skin of Steel

Refuses to put on sunscreen… “will be grand sure I don’t burn”.  Nobody rocks the ‘farmers tan’ like your Dad.

The Sleeping Police

When you arise from a lovely lie in at the weekend the legendary “that’s a grand hour of the day to be getting out of the bed, I’ve a days’ work done already”.

The Secret Police

Not mentioning to anyone that he wants a certain item but just arriving home with it, ensuring that shopping for him is an endless struggle when it comes to birthdays, Christmas and of course Father's Day. 

There is no doubt all our Father figures are unique and worthy of Superhero status.  Even though they might be hard to buy for, I’m sure they would agree that the best thing we could spend on our Dad’s this Father’s Day is our precious time.

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