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No Claims Bonus

Protect your No Claims Discount with No Claims Protection* Get Quote *It is not necessary to purchase this optional extra in order to purchase a car Insurance policy.

We're Human About Insurance

We reward safe drivers with a No Claims Bonus that'll deliver great value as well as great cover. An Post Insurance is a 100% Irish-owned company, so we understand what matters most to you. 

How we Help

Pocket-Friendly Protection

We know that everyone wants to get great value car insurance, so we offer competitive prices and an online discount to help lower the cost of cover.

Stress-Free Cover

We offer great cover, with many benefits included as standard. We work with a number of insurers to help you find a policy that suits your needs.

Benefits and Bonuses

Our insurers provide a wide range of benefits including 24 hour Breakdown Assistance (1). They also offer a bonus if you are claims-free.

Real Customer Care

We're powered by people just like you, living in communities all over Ireland. Our team is available six days a week to help you get the help you need.

1) The driver must remain with the car.  

How Does the No Claims Bonus Work?

A No Claims Bonus (NCB) or No Claims Discount (NCD) is a discount that you may receive on your car insurance premium for each consecutive full year that you have not made a claim, starting from one year. The scale varies between insurers, but if you've had no claims in five or more years, you're likely to get a significant discount on your premium.  

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No Claims Bonus Protection

If you purchase this optional extra cover for an additional premium, it'll prevent you from losing all or some of your No Claims Bonus if you have to make a claim. You can choose to buy either full No Claims Bonus Protection or Step-Back Bonus Protection. (2)

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No Claim Bonus and Additional Drivers

Additional drivers could also gain driving experience on your policy as a named driver. The named driver may be awarded with a discount for each consecutive year's claims-free driving, should they wish to take out a policy in their own name (3).

2) It is not necessary to purchase this optional extra in order to purchase a car Insurance policy.
3) Acceptance of Named Driving Experience and Named Driving Experience discount differs from insurer to insurer. Terms and conditions apply.  

How Does the No Claims Bonus Protection Work? This will allow you to make two unlimited claims within a three year period on your car insurance policy without losing your No Claims Bonus. The number of claims free years you hold will determine if you are eligible to purchase this optional extra with each of our car insurance underwriters.

This is a partial protection of your No Claims Bonus.  In the event of a claim, your No Claims Bonus will step-back by a certain percentage, this amount will depend on your car insurance underwriter. The number of claims free years you hold will determine if you are eligible to purchase this optional extra with each of our car insurance underwriters.

We value your feedback

Great value and super easy to get a quote. I was able to customise and upgrade the exact policy I needed. The experience is miles ahead of my past insurer. I would highly recommend this service!! John 17/11/2020

Good to Know

We've gathered together all the details you need to better understand how the No Claims Bonus and No Claims Bonus Protection work. Take a look at our FAQs and learn more about how we can help you get the cover you deserve, at the price you prefer.

The standard policy excess on comprehensive policies is €300. You have the option to increase the excess to €600, which will reduce your premium or you may decrease the excess to €125, which will incur a slight additional premium. No excess applies to windscreen claims or to third party fire and theft cover.

Following the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement on Friday 31 Jan 2020, the UK are no longer a member of the EU. Under the arrangements in place, UK/NI driving licences held by residents of Ireland will continue to be valid up to 31 December 2020 (the end of the transition period). As and from the 31 December 2020 a UK licence held by residents of Ireland will no longer be valid to drive here in Ireland. For that reason, UK licence holders resident in Ireland should take steps to exchange their licence for an Irish one well in advance of that date.

Voluntary excess - Consider how much you'd be prepared to pay out if you have to make a claim. The voluntary excess is the amount you volunteer to pay in the event of an accident. If you can afford to pay another €300 as a voluntary excess your annual premium costs may come down. Simply the higher your voluntary excess, the lower your quote will be.

Dependent on the licence type and occupation, driving of other cars extension may apply to your policy on a Third Party only basis. Please refer to your policy documents for full details.

Open driving is an optional cover available from An Post Insurance. Open driving allows other drivers to drive your car, with your permission, as long as they are aged from 25 to 70 years and hold a full EU/UK licence. Driver/vehicle eligibility criteria and restrictions may apply.

Once you have arranged payment terms and returned all of the necessary documentation to An Post Insurance, your certificate of insurance will be issued.

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