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Home Insurance FAQs


We've gathered all the details you need to better understand your home insurance options. Take a look at our FAQs and learn more about how we can help you get the cover you deserve at the price you prefer.


During the COVID-19 pandemic only, all business equipment used while working at home will be included as standard, unless otherwise covered. The level of cover provided by your home insurance policy will be outlined in your policy schedule.

Accidental Damage Cover is an optional benefit available for an additional premium on home insurance plans which extends cover to include accidental events, giving rise to a loss, e.g. a large spillage on the carpet, if someone puts their foot through the ceiling.

 It is not necessary to purchase this optional extra in order to purchase a Home Insurance policy.

If you have an emergency in your home, Home Emergency Assistance will provide a repair service to secure your house and help prevent further damage from occurring. Home Emergency Assistance provides cover for up to €260 per-incident and it is limited to 3 claims per policy year.

This cover is underwritten by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA Compania Internacional De Seguros Y Reaseguros, S.A., trading as MAPFRE ASSISTANCE Agency Ireland.

Suitable, key-operated, manufacturer-approved locks are locks capable of locking the door from the inside and only unlockable from the outside by key; Deadbolts are also fine. provided they are accessible and can be opened in event of a fire.

Extra cover on our home insurance plans is an optional additional cover available to you for an additional cost on your premium for valuable personal possessions inside or outside of your home.  Extra cover is generally requested for valuable possessions such as:

  • jewellery
  • personal belongings
  • bicycles
  • personal money

If you select extra cover for any items, they are covered inside the home and outside the home within Europe, as well as for up to 30 days worldwide. 

It is not necessary to purchase this optional extra in order to purchase a Home Insurance policy. 

Specified extra cover is for items that can be described as valuable personal possessions. You are able to specifically note these items on your home insurance policy under extra cover for jewellery, personal belongings, bicycles and money. Such an item may be a valuable piece of jewellery or an expensive camera. 

This optional additional cover is available on your policy for an additional premium and also covers these items in Europe, as well as for up to 30 days worldwide. 

It is not necessary to purchase this optional extra in order to purchase a Home Insurance policy.

If you have taken out the optional cover for jewellery, personal belongings, bicycles and money, we will cover loss or damage within Europe or, for up to 30 days in any period of insurance, anywhere in the world.

Yes, items in your shed or garage are covered if you have included them in the Contents Sum Insured figure in your private house and outbuildings. However, the domestic outbuilding must be fitted with  suitable key-operated locks and any keys must be removed and placed out of sight inside your house or apartment

A limit of €3,000 applies to contents in outbuildings, such as a shed or garage. 

The excess on your home insurance policy refers to the amount payable by you, in the event of a claim. Under this policy, you will be required to pay a standard excess. You have the option to increase the excess, which will reduce your premium. Please refer to your policy documents to find out what excess is applicable to you.

EN50131 Standard is a regulation, which was introduced to establish a minimum standard for the installation of burglar alarms in the home. If your burglar alarm has been fitted by an authorised contractor to EN50131 Standard (old IS199) you should have been given a certificate to verify this at installation. The installer should hold a Private Security Authority licence.

The reinstatement value is the cost of completely rebuilding your house (less the value of the site) including architects and surveyors fees. It is important to note that the reinstatement value is the figure for which your house should be insured, rather than the market value of your home. For more information on calculating the reinstatement value of your house click here.

You should insure your home for the full reinstatement cost of your house as opposed to the current market value, as the market value may be more or less than the full rebuilding cost of your home. For information on calculating the reinstatement value of your house click here.

There are typically two ways you can choose contents cover on an An Post Insurance home insurance policy.

  1. You can choose contents cover as a percentage of your building cover. For example, if your building is insured for €200,000 and you choose 30% contents cover, then you have cover up to €60,000. 
  2. You can insure the total value of all your contents as a separate sum.

If you are looking to cover a Ride-on-Lawnmower, Caravan, Home Office or Childminding up to two children this can be done over the phone with us – please call us on 1890 22 22 22.

With our premium payment plan, you can pay your premium over 10 monthly instalments. You can pay your instalments using the following options: 

  • By BillPay at the Post Office - using cash, cheque or debit card
  • By www.billpay.ie
  • By Direct Debit from your Bank Account. In this instance, you must pay your first instalment over the phone or by cheque, money order, credit card or debit card. You can then pay your remaining instalments automatically by Direct Debit from your bank account. 
Please note: a deposit of 20% is required for the first instalment and a service fee of up to 8% applies.


To make a change to your home insurance policy,  simply call our Customer Service Team in Athlone on 1890 22 11 11. We can assist you in making the necessary amends to your policy, including:

  • Adding new higher value items to your policy
  • Updating personal information
  • Updating payment or bank details

Should you wish to cancel your home insurance policy, you must send written instruction, inclusive of your policy number to An Post Insurance. A cancellation fee may apply. You can simply fill in the cancellation form and return it to us at our freepost address: An Post Insurance, PO Box 1, Freepost, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

If you have misplaced any of your documents please contact our Customer Service Team on 1890 22 11 11 or 090 64 87300, alternatively, you can email info@anpostinsurance.ie.  Please note a charge may be incurred for reprints of documents.

We are always grateful for any feedback and are dedicated to ensuring our customers are satisfied with the service they receive. Please contact the Customer Service Manager, PO Box 1, Freepost, Athlone, Co. Westmeath or LoCall 1890 22 11 11 and we will be happy to resolve any issues.

It is a requirement to have supporting documentation relating to the claim. For example:

  • original purchase receipts, 
  • instruction manuals, 
  • guarantees 
  • replacement estimates. 
Any cost incurred in obtaining estimates is not covered under the policy.
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