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Pet Insurance Claims & Emergencies

We’re human about insurance, so we aim to make the claims process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We’ve put together a couple of simple steps to guide you through these challenging circumstances and get you and your pet the help you need.

Whether your policy is underwritten by Blue Insurance or Kainos International, our Underwriters experienced claims specialists will help you register the claim and provide you with advice you can trust and care you can rely on.

 How do I make a claim under my An Post Insurance Pet Insurance policy?

  • Have your policy number to hand
  • For policies with a start date of 1st November 2020 or later and underwritten by Blue Insurance please call 01 247 5481 and complete this Claims Form
  • For policies with a start date of 31st October 2020 or earlier, and underwritten by Kainos International, please call +44 1263 586 213 and complete this Claims Form


The Claims Administrator can arrange to pay most veterinary surgeons directly in the case of a vet fees claim. Please ask your vet if they are happy to do this, and the claims administrator will take care of the rest.

Our pet insurance does not provide cover for routine and preventative care like vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatment or neutering. If you do not have your pet vaccinated and it becomes ill with a condition that a vaccine would have prevented this will not be covered. It is a condition of our insurance that you pet must have an annual health check by a vet.

An Post Insurance Pet Insurance is arranged and administered by Blue Insurance Limited and underwritten by H.W. Kaufman Group Europe BV, trading as Cranbrook, on behalf of the insurer, Sava Insurance Company.