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Going Green This Summer: How to Holiday Sustainably


Summer is here, and with it comes the desire to explore, soak up the sun and create lasting memories. But as the world tackles environmental challenges, it's important to consider how our travel habits impact the planet. This summer let's embrace sustainable tourism and try to make our adventures as eco-friendly as they are enjoyable. Here’s how you can holiday sustainably and make a positive impact on the environment.

Choose eco-friendly destinations

Try to opt for destinations that prioritize sustainability. Many cities and countries are investing in eco-friendly infrastructure, conservation projects, and green certifications. Look for places that support sustainable tourism, have robust recycling programs, and offer environment-friendly accommodations.

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Travel by train or bus

Where possible, choose trains or buses over flights. Trains and buses have a lower carbon footprint in comparison to airplanes. If flying is necessary, try to book non-stop flights. You can also choose to take part in carbon offset programs that allow you to compensate for your flight's emissions.

Stay in green accommodation

Support hotels, hostels and resorts that have green certifications or adhere to sustainable practices. These might include energy-efficient lighting, solar power, water conservation measures and waste reduction programs. Google Travel offers a convenient feature that lets you easily find eco-certified accommodation options in your travel destination.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Carry a reusable water bottle, shopping bag and utensils to minimise single-use plastics. Many destinations now also have water-refill stations and encourage tourists to use them while travelling. Recycle whenever possible and dispose of waste responsibly to keep the environment clean.

Support local economies

Buy local products and support small businesses while you travel. Not only does this improve the local economy but it also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods. Enjoy local cuisine, purchase handmade souvenirs and use local guides for tours.

Respect wildlife and natural habitats

Watch wildlife from a distance and avoid activities that exploit animals, this includes but is not limited to riding elephants or swimming with dolphins. Stick to designated trails to minimise your impact on natural habitats and support conservation efforts by visiting national parks and protected areas.

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Conserve water and energy

Be mindful of your water and energy use. Try to take shorter showers, turn off lights and air conditioning when not in the room and choose public transport, walking or cycling to explore your destination. Many eco-friendly accommodations provide tips on conserving resources during your stay so make sure to check these out when you arrive

Leave no trace

Adopt the "leave no trace" principle by ensuring you take all your belongings and rubbish with you. Avoid picking plants, disturbing wildlife, or taking natural souvenirs like shells or rocks. Aim to leave every place you visit cleaner than you found it.

By building these sustainable practices into your travel plans, you can enjoy a memorable summer holiday while minimising your impact on the environment. Every small effort helps in the journey to a greener planet! Ensure you protect yourself while travelling and get a travel insurance quote online.

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