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A No Claims Bonus (sometimes abbreviated to NCB) or No Claims Discount (sometimes abbreviated to NCD) is a discount that you can receive on your car insurance premium for each consecutive full year that you have not made a claim, starting from one year.  The No Claims Discount scale varies between insurers, but a No Claims Bonus of 5 plus years is likely to give a significant discount on your premium

At An Post Insurance, the maximum number of years that you can reach on the No Claims Discount scale is 6, depending on your car insurance underwriter. If you make a single claim on your policy, your No Claims Bonus could be reduced to nil at your next renewal, depending on the claim type, unless you avail of one of our No Claims Bonus protection options which are explained below.

No Claims Bonus Protection

No Claims Bonus Protection is an optional extra cover that you can purchase for an additional premium to prevent you from losing all or some of your No Claims Bonus in the event that you need to make a claim. This optional extra is not necessary to purchase in order to purchase a car insurance policy with An Post Insurance. There are two options available when protecting your bonus with An Post Insurance:

1. Full No Claims Bonus Protection: This will allow you to make two unlimited claims within a three year period on your car insurance policy without losing your No Claims Bonus. Your current No Claims Bonus will determine if you are eligible to purchase this optional extra with each of our car insurance underwriters.

2. Step-back Bonus Protection: This is a partial protection of your No Claims Bonus.  In the event of a claim, your No Claims Bonus will step-back by a certain percentage, this amount will depend on your car insurance underwriter. Your current No Claims Bonus will determine if you are eligible to purchase this optional extra with each of our car insurance underwriters.

Do I need No Claims Bonus Protection?

The purpose of protecting your No Claims Bonus is to protect you against losing the No Claims Bonus discount that you may have spent years building up. If you want to save money on your premium you may decide to go without No Claims Bonus protection as an additional premium applies for this optional extra. If you proceed without any No Claims Bonus protection and you have a claim, you may lose some or all of your No Claims Bonus and your premium may be affected at your next renewal as a result.

No Claim Bonus and Additional Drivers

Your additional drivers will also gain driving experience on your policy as a named driver. This is called Named Driving Experience or NDE. Named Driving Experience works in a similar way to a No Claims Bonus whereby the named driver may be awarded with a discount for each consecutive years claims-free driving, should they wish to take out a policy in their own name. However, it is important to note that not all insurers will allow the benefit of named driving experience.