Car Being Towed

Your Car Insurance policy provides 24 Hour Breakdown Assistance as standard if and when you need it, in Ireland and the UK.

Should you be unlucky enough to breakdown at home, at work or even at the side of the road, a competent repairer will be sent to assist you with your cars recovery.  You must be present with the car for any assistance to be carried out and the cost of 1 hours labour will be provided free of charge.

What's Covered in Your Breakdown Assistance

Your policy will provide assistance for breakdown of the insured car caused by an accident, mechanical breakdown, fire, theft, attempted theft, malicious damage, punctures that need help to fix or to replace a wheel, lost keys, stolen keys, keys broken in the lock or locked in the insured car.

This cover applies in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

If the car is not drivable due to a mechanical fault, you will be covered for the cost of towing your car to the nearest garage or to your own garage, whichever is closest.

For any customer more than 30 kilometres from their home, providing repairs cannot be carried out at the scene, the following options are offered:

  • transport for the customer and their passengers to their intended destination OR
  • a replacement car for up to 48 hours OR
  • Overnight Bed & Breakfast accommodation for the driver and passengers while they are waiting for repairs to be finished.  Limits apply and are dependent on your car insurance underwriter and those applicable to you will be outlined in your policy booklet.

 Up to 2 Urgent messages can be sent on your behalf.

If your car is stolen an emergency car is provided for up to 5 days or until your car has been recovered, whichever is sooner.

Who Are You Going to Call?

Check your insurance disc for the underwriter of your policy and call the relevant number below. 

  Aviva     AIG      FBD  
 Within Ireland: 1800 34 34 35  Within Ireland: 01 804 4328  Within Ireland: 1890 945 061
 In the UK: +44 161 210 2113  In the UK: +353 1 804 4328  In the UK: +353 91 560 610

What's Not Covered

Your policy does not cover any of the following:

  • Liability or loss arising from any act carried out in providing the assistance service.
  • Expenses you can claim from any other source.
  • Any claim arising where the car is carrying more passengers or towing a greater weight than it was designed for, or arising directly from unreasonable driving on an unsuitable surface.
  • Any accident or breakdown resulting from a deliberate act.
  • Any claim arising as a direct result of the unreasonable driving of the insured car on unsuitable ground.
  • The cost of repairing the car, other than as described in policy booklet.
  • The costs of any parts, keys, lubricants, fluids or fuel needed to be able to drive the car again.
  • Any claim caused by fuels, oils or other flammable materials, explosives or toxins transported in the car.
  • Assistance may be refused where an insured driver has a breath blood or urine alcohol/drug level above the legal limit shown in the Road Traffic Acts and any further regulation.
  • Any claim that arises where the insured vehicle does not hold a current and valid National Car Test (NCT) certificate.

Limits are dependent on your car insurance underwriter and those applicable to you will be outlined in your policy booklet.