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Maintaining Hybrid & EVs

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Maintaining Your Hybrid & Electric Vehicle - An Post Insurance - Car Insurance

How to maintain your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

Are you the proud new owner of an electric or hybrid vehicle? We’ve got expert tips for you, from maintenance to insurance.  An Post Insurance is a 100% Irish-owned company, so we understand what matters most to you. We can provide great value car insurance for your new EV, too!

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Looking after your EV

Electric vehicles usually have less braking wear or replaceable fluids, but you’ll still need to schedule regular upkeep. The most important part is the EV battery, so refer to the owner’s manual for the best advice to keep this in tip-top shape. 

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Taking care of your hybrid

Hybrid cars still have internal combustible engines, so you’ll need to arrange for regular oil changes just like a petrol or diesel. It’s also vital to keep both hybrids and EVs moving, so take your car out for a spin if it’s been parked up for a while. 

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Common maintenance must-dos

Apart from servicing, you’ll need to arrange for tyre changes, air filter replacements, liquid top-ups, light checks, cooling inspections, brake fluid measurements, and other maintenance requirements. Check manufacturer advice for the full list. 

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Still have questions?

We’re powered by people like you, ready to support our EV and hybrid drivers and find you the best car insurance policy. Our experienced team is on hand to get you the help you need.

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At An Post Insurance, sustainability is at the centre of our priorities. We'll continue to protect our customers - whether they drive a petrol, diesel, or electric car. Learn more.

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Need more info? Read our FAQs 

Take a look at our EV owners FAQs and learn more about what it means to go electric.

Whatever you choose to buy, you’ll need to get your hybrid or EV serviced regularly. Check the manufacturer’s guide for the recommended schedule and stick to it. Make sure you keep your receipts and stamps safe, so your car has a full service record. 

Most mechanics these days will be familiar with EV and hybrid vehicles, but not all will have the necessary computer software. It’s best to check beforehand to make sure. Visit the SIMI for a handy list of service centres who might be able to help. 

This can happen to anybody, regardless of what you drive. Don’t worry, though — help is usually not far away. An Post Insurance customers with the Breakdown Assistance benefit can get 24/7 help with punctures, lost keys, repairs, towing, and more.  

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We’re here to provide cover and care

We’re committed to supporting our EV and hybrid drivers with trusted customer care and great value car insurance. 

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