Woman with cocktail at poolIf you are lucky enough to take more than one holiday per year, an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy would be an excellent purchase.  It gives you the same high level of cover for all of your trips, meaning you don't need to search for a policy every time you go abroad.

An Post Insurance offer Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for individuals and couples as well as offering a family package - perfect if you're planning multiple trips abroad this year.

The maximum amount of days a person insured can travel per single trip is 30 days.

An Annual Multi Trip Policy offers cover for up to 90 days travel in the year, but no holiday can be longer than 30 days at a time. With an Annual Multi-Trip Policy, you can also be covered for holidays in Ireland provided that you spend at least two nights in accommodation you booked before your departure.

So what is covered in this Multi-trip policy?  Please see below for a list of Key Benefits and significant exclusions for cover;

Please Note: For further information, you should read the Policy Document and Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) for details on all the benefits and exclusions.


Benefit Description Cover up to €*
Cancellation or cutting short of your trip   (subject to €90 excess) Costs for unused travel and/or accommodation  which a Person Insured has
paid or is contracted to pay and which cannot be recovered from any other source
€3,000 Not covered if you or any other person insured are aware that the holiday might have to be cancelled.
Travel Delay If a Person Insured is delayed for at least 12 hours because the scheduled departure of a Public Conveyance is affected by a strike, industrial action, adverse weather, mechanical breakdown/derangement, or grounding of an aircraft due to mechanical or structural defect €150 Must be delayed by at least 12 hours on the outbound or return journey.
Missed Departure  (subject to €90 excess) Payment for necessary and reasonable accommodation and travel expenses to enable a Person Insured to reach his or her scheduled destination if he or she arrives too late at the airport, sea port, coach or train station to commence a booked journey from or to Ireland due to:

i.  The car he or she is using for travel breaking down or being involved in
an accident; or

ii.  The Public Conveyance he or she is using for travel failing to arrive on schedule
€500 Not covered if sufficient time was not allowed for the journey or departure is missed due to heavy traffic
Delayed baggage Must be a minimum of 12 hours after arriving at your destination €200 Baggage delayed on Return Journeys

No receipts for items purchased
Personal Accident €30,000  
More than €2,500 if the Person Insured is under 16 years of age at
the time of the Bodily Injury

More than one benefit for the same Bodily Injury

If death, loss or disability is to disease or any physical defect, injury or illness which existed before the Holiday.
Medical expenses (subject to €90 excess) Must be for necessary hospital, surgical or other diagnostic treatment, given or prescribed by a Doctor, and include charges for staying in a hospital or nursing home. €5,000,000 Not covered if you are travelling against the advice of a doctor, travelling to obtain medical treatment.
Pre-existing conditions are not covered if you cannot meet the eligibility criteria at the time of purchasing the insurance and or booking your holiday
Hospital Benefit If a person insured is a hospital inpatient during a Holiday and has a claim under his or her Private Medical Insurance or Part III Section 5 MEDICAL AND ADDITIONAL EXPENSES, We will pay a benefit of €20 for each full 24 hours he or she spends in hospital up to a maximum of €400 for each Holiday €400 Not covered in any institution not recognised as a hospital in that country
Personal belongings cover  (subject to €90 excess)
(Maximum limit for any one time and valuables in total is €250 per item)
If personal property is lost, damaged or stolen during a Holiday, we will
pay repair and replacement costs up to €1,500
€1,500 Not covered if valuables are left unattended. 

Dentures, hearing aids, prescription glasses, sunglasses,
prescription sunglasses, contact or corneal lenses
Personal money cover (subject to €90 excess) Must be reported to police or hotel management and report must be received €500 A loss or theft not reported to the Police (and the hotel management if the loss or theft occurs in a hotel) within 24 hours of discovery and we
are provided with a copy of the original written Police
report and report to the hotel management as applicable
Loss of Passport/Driving Licence Must provide copy of police/hotel management report and must have been reported within 24 hours of its’ discovery €500 A loss or theft not reported to the Police (and the hotel management if the loss or theft occurs in a hotel) within 24 hours of discovery and we
are provided with a copy of the original written Police
report and report to the hotel management as applicable
Hijack The unlawful seizure or taking control of an aircraft or other means of transport in which a Person Insured is travelling as a passenger. €500 Any Criminal Act
Personal Liability We will indemnify a Person Insured against all sums which he or she is legally
liable to pay as damages in respect of:

i. Accidental bodily injury (including death illness or disease) to any person
ii.  Accidental loss of or damage to material property which occurs during the Period of Insurance arising out of the Holiday.
€2,500,000 Any wilful or malicious act
Liability in respect of bodily injury loss or damage caused directly or indirectly in connection with ownership, possession of, or use by
the Person Insured of:
Mechanically propelled
Vehicles, Aircraft, hovercraft,
Watercraft or Firearms
Overseas Legal Advice & Expenses €30,000 Any criminal or wilful act or any claim reported 24 months after the beginning of the incident which led to the claim
Pet Care We will reimburse the Person Insured for pet care fees incurred up to a maximum of €150 for each Holiday. €150 Not covered in Ireland
Winter Sports
This Section is optional. It applies only if it is shown as insured on the Policy Schedule and the additional premium has been paid
Up to €20 for each full 24 hour period, limited to €200 where it is necessary for a person Insured to hire Winter Sports equipment for Winter Sports that is lost or broken or misplaced

Up to €75 for each full week, or a proportionate amount for shorter
or longer periods, limited to €300 to cover the value of an unused ski pass belonging to a Person Insured, and hire or tuition fees which a person insured cannot recover following an accident or illness or loss or theft of his or her ski pass

€20 for each full 24 hour period, limited to €200 if a person insured is
unable to ski because there is a lack of snow in the pre-booked resort and no alternative skiing available

Up to €100 for additional and necessary travel and accommodation costs if a person insured’s outward or return journey is delayed by an avalanche for more than 12 hours from the scheduled departure time on his or her travel ticket
€300 Not covered if claim is due to participation in competitive winter sports
Car Hire Excess (Optional) Bottom of Form  
This Section is optional. It applies only if it is shown as insured on the policy schedule and the additional premium has been paid
Must be aged between 21 and 75 on date of purchase of insurance

An Post Insurance Travel Insurance is arranged, administered and underwritten by Chubb European Group SE.