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Travel Insurance Getting Insured

We care about protecting what matters to you. Get a quick quote for great value insurance online, in person or over the phone.

Travel insurance is designed to protect your health, belongings and the cost of your trip

Leaving the purchasing of your travel money until the last minute can leave you out of pocket. The Bureau De Change at airports usually will leave you paying significantly more for your money than buying your cash online. Also pre-paid cards are a great alternative to cash. They often offer competitive exchange rates whilst not incurring any additional costs associated with using debit and credit cards overseas.

Leave contact information and details about your trip with friends and relatives in case of emergency, including your travel insurance details along with the emergency medical assistance company details.

Before travelling always make sure that your passport is valid for six months after the date you plan to return home. Always check if the destinations you are travelling to require a visa, these can take a few weeks to arrange so you will need to do this as early as possible to avoid any possible disruption to your travel plans.

If you intend to drive whilst overseas you can use your licence for driving if you are within the EU. Your licence must be a full valid EU licence (it is always worth checking the details with your insurance provider before travelling). However all countries are different so it's always worth checking age and other restrictions before you go to avoid any disruptions to your plans. An International Driving Permit (IDP) translates your driving licence into several other languages and some countries will insist on this document before allowing you to drive on their soil.

Take care of your belongings while you are on holiday. If you leave your bag unattended, for example, the firm can justifiably turn down a claim for theft. In the event of a theft, loss or a crime, you must alert the police and request a written report of the incident. And we all like to have a drink on holiday, but don't get too carried away. Claims arising directly or indirectly from using alcohol or drugs (unless the drugs have been prescribed by a doctor) are not covered by this policy.

Before you buy a policy and have a medical condition, we ask you to confirm that you are NOT

  • Receiving or on a waiting list for treatment in a hospital or nursing home;
  • Waiting for investigation or referral, or the results of any investigation, medical treatment or surgical procedure, for any condition, whether diagnosed or un-diagnosed;
  • Choosing not to take prescribed medication, or the correct dose of prescribed medicine;
  • Travelling against the advice of a medically qualified doctor;
  • Travelling to obtain medical, dental or cosmetic treatment;
  • Travelling with a terminal condition;

If you can confirm these and the other statements we ask you to confirm, you can buy our cover online.

No. There are no age restrictions on our Single & Annual policies.

You can insure your partner if they are

Aged over 18, of either sex, who you have been living with for at least three months as if you were married or in a civil partnership.

The age a person insured must be to class as a child is under 18 (or under 23 if still in full-time education) on the day you buy your policy, and dependent on you or your partner whether they live with you or not. But there are restrictions on their ability to travel without you or your partner.

On all products children receive the same benefits as adults, apart from the Bodily Injury benefitwhich We will not pay More than €2,500 if the Person Insured is under 16 years of age at the time of the Bodily Injury.

Simply follow a few easy steps from the “Get a Quote” screen. Our site has state of the art software security, so you don't have to worry about giving us your personal details. Alternatively you can purchase your travel cover over the phone on 1890 22 22 22.

No, you cannot purchase cover if you live outside of the Republic of Ireland. You have to be a resident of the Republic of Ireland for at least 180 days prior to the date the cover is applied for.

Yes. To protect your own interests you should purchase travel insurance cover at the same time you purchase your travel package. You can buy it at a later date but it will not cover events which have already occurred.

You can book a one way trip by entering the start date of your trip and for the return date, enter the day you will arrive at your final destination.

The single article limit is the maximum amount we will pay for any one item, pair or set of items, and is €250 for personal baggage. Please refer to the definition of pair or set of items of your policy document for more information.

No, in order to purchase travel insurance you must have the intention of returning to Ireland as a resident.

Europe is defined as the continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains including its neighbouring islands and non-European countries bordering the Mediterranean (excluding Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Israel and Jordan).

The maximum length under Single Trip is 30 days.

The maximum amount of days a person insured can travel per single trip is 30 days.

An Annual Multi trip policy offers cover for up to 90 days travel in the year, but no holiday can be longer than 30 days. With an Annual Multi-Trip policy, you can also be covered for holidays in Ireland provided that you spend at least two nights in accommodation you booked before your departure.

Yes, you are covered for scuba diving under this policy but there are provisions and limitations. Please ensure you read this section of your policy document carefully. You will find the exclusions of scuba diving on page 38 of our policy wording.

You are covered to go skiing if you add Winter Sports cover as an extension to your travel insurance policy by ticking the appropriate box and paying the additional premium.

Customers must redeem and avail of their Free Travel Insurance within 6 months of the date on which the Promotional Code is generated.

Terms and Conditions and full details of the promotion can be found here

An Post Insurance Travel Insurance is arranged, administered and underwritten by Chubb European Group SE.