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Switching to EV

Switching to an electric car? We can help.  Get a Quote
Switching to EV - An Post Insurance - Car Insurance

Why should you make the change?

There are lots of reasons to go electric, including purchase grants and reduced running costs. An Post Insurance is a 100% Irish-owned company, so we understand what matters most to you. Thinking of making the jump? We can provide great value car insurance for your new EV, too!

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Reduction in running costs

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are soaring in Ireland, as more drivers seek to save money, protect the environment, and take advantage of grants available. The SEAI says that EVs cost 74% less in transport costs compared to a similar diesel engine car. 

How we can help | Customer Care | An Post Insurance
Easy to trade in and purchase

Purchasing an EV isn’t difficult: visit a reputable dealer to discuss your options, arrange a test drive, and take it from there. Whether you choose new or used is up to you, but make sure you factor charging equipment into your overall budget. 

How we can help | Customer Care | An Post Insurance
Many grants and discounts available

The Irish government offers a range of financial incentives to encourage drivers to choose EVs. These include purchase discounts, charging grants, reduced tolls, lower motor tax, and VRT relief. The SEAI has a full list and tips on how to apply. 

How we can help | Customer Care | An Post Insurance
Still have questions?

We’re powered by people like you, ready to support our EV and hybrid drivers and find you the best car insurance policy. Our experienced team is on hand to get you the help you need.

The Future is Electric at An Post Insurance

At An Post Insurance, sustainability is at the centre of our priorities. We'll continue to protect our customers - whether they drive a petrol, diesel, or electric car. Learn more.

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Planet-friendly protection

The future is electric at An Post Insurance and that means offering great value, stress-free cover to all our EV drivers. 

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We value your feedback

Had a great experience getting my Insurance with An Post Insurance for the first time. Very professional and sorted quickly. Got a very good deal at €200 less than my renewal quote. Would highly recommend! Pawel 08.01.2024

Need more info? Read our FAQs 

Take a look at our EV FAQs and learn more about what it means to go electric.

There are lots of factors that can affect the range of an EV. These include the make, model, engine size, charging method, age of the car — and your style of driving.  Consult manufacturer brochures and trusted review sites to learn more. 

Generally, running an EV is cheaper than comparable diesel or petrol models. But of course, costs still exist, and they’ll depend on your car, charging methods, and driving habits. Carzone has a handy guide to help you calculate day-to-day costs. 

Electric cars come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of speed and power. If you’re debating which to choose, use our EV comparison guide to help draw up a short list of options that suit your preferences.  Then arrange to talk to a qualified salesperson to learn more. 

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