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Hybrid & Electric Comparison

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EV vs. Hybrid Vehicles - An Post Insurance - Car Insurance

The best choice for you 

Your choice of EV, hybrid, or PHEV will very much depend on your preference, budget, driving requirements — and even the location of your house, for charging purposes. 

Visit the SIMI for more information on the differences between the three options.

The Future is Electric at An Post Insurance

At An Post Insurance, sustainability is at the centre of our priorities. We'll continue to protect our customers - whether they drive a petrol, diesel, or electric car. Learn more.

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Had a great experience getting my Insurance with An Post Insurance for the first time. Very professional and sorted quickly. Got a very good deal at €200 less than my renewal quote. Would highly recommend! Pawel 08.01.2024

Want to learn more? Read our FAQs

Take a look at our EV comparison FAQs and learn more about what it means to go electric.

An EV is better for the environment, but many people choose hybrids because the fuel tank provides peace of mind if the battery runs out while driving. It’s worth exploring the pros and cons of both to figure out the best option for you. 

The cost of both Evs and hybrid options are changing quickly in our current climate.  When comparing overall costs, remember to include the SEAI grants or discounts available and factor in future fuel savings too. 

There are two main options available to PHEV owners: charging at home, or at a public charging point. The ESB has more information on the different types of charges, the average costs, and an interactive map of their services.  

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle - An Post Insurance
Cover and care, whatever you drive

We’re committed to a sustainable future at An Post Insurance, with great value car insurance for our EV and hybrid drivers. 

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