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Pet Insurance Policy

Our insurance policies provide cover, care and lots of great features and benefits. Read more about your policy details here. 

Our Benefits

Depending on the level of cover you choose, your pet can be covered for treatment for injury only or injury and illness for between €2,000 and up to €4,000.*

Get up €250,000 cover for third party liability and legal costs that may arise in connection with ownership of your dog.

With our Premier and Premier Plus policies, you can claim for boarding your pet at a registered kennel if you are unexpectedly hospitalised and are unable to take care of your pet.*

With our Premier and Premier Plus policies you can claim the purchase price of your pet, if your pet is lost and not found within 10 weeks of straying or being stolen.*

With our Premier and Premier Plus policies you can claim for the cost of advertising and offering a reward for the return of your missing pet.*

Your Policy

The vet helpline gives policy holders access to our national network of RCVS (Royal College of veterinary surgeons) registered veterinary nurses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 076 888 7804 to talk to our nurses, who are available any time to answer any concerns you may have regarding your pet’s health or general wellbeing. We can help offer peace of mind and help with what to do next when your pet is unwell. Although our service is not intended to replace a consultation with your vet, by calling us first, we may be able to help prevent an unnecessary trip to the vet, which can be time consuming and traumatic for your pet.

There is no cover for any pre-existing illnesses or injuries with this policy. This includes any illnesses which developed or started showing clinical signs before or within the first 14 days of the policy start date. Injuries which occur before or within the first 48 hours of the policy start date will not be covered.

The Claims Administrator can arrange to pay most veterinary surgeons directly in the case of a vet fees claim. Please ask your vet if they are happy to do this, and the claims administrator will take care of the rest.

If you buy Premier or Premier Plus cover, the policy will cover the cost of complementary treatment (up to the maximum benefit) that results from a valid claim under this insurance which your pet has received during the policy year for an illness or injury. Complementary treatment means: acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, hydrotherapy and osteopathy. All treatments must be carried out by a vet practice.

Veterinary claims will be subject to a €125 fixed excess which is payable per condition per policy year.

If your pet is aged 5 years or above on the start date of the policy year, there will also be a 15% percentage excess of the remaining amount claimed after the fixed excess has been deducted. Please see your policy booklet for an example.

Yes, if you have two or more pets then you are entitled to a Multi-Pet discount.

You can pay for your policy in full or by instalment by either credit or debit card. Choosing the monthly instalment method allows you to spread the cost of your policy over the year at no extra charge as this service is interest free.

Your pet is one of a kind! When the insurer calculates your quote, they use a number of different factors; for example, your pet’s age, sex and breed as well as your postcode to provide a quote that is unique to your pet.

This allows the insurer to keep our prices as competitive as possible. At each renewal, the cost of cover is recalculated, and we will email you with a quote. If you have had a claim paid to you this can impact your renewal price.

We work hard to try and minimise any additional charges you may incur in the supply of your policy. We charge a fee of €4.50 for renewals and policies booked online. If you choose to book your policy through our call centre, the fee is €15.00. If you would like a text confirmation with your policy details the fee is €0.99.

Yes, we will aim to automatically renew (auto-renew) your policy when it runs out, unless you tell us not to. Each year we will notify you by email 5 weeks before the renewal date of your policy and tell you about any changes to the premium or the policy terms and conditions.

If you do not want to us to auto-renew your policy, just call us on 1890 22 22 22, otherwise we will collect the renewal premiums from your credit or debit card.

The automatic renewal service relies on your credit/debit card details still being valid. If your credit/debit card details have changed within the last 12 months you must contact us to process the booking over the phone. If you do not receive confirmation of your new policy by your renewal date please contact us.

Providing you have not made any claims, you have 14 days from the receipt of your policy documentation to cancel if you decide not to continue with the policy cover and you will be refunded your full premium minus the administration fee, which is non-refundable.

If it has been more than 14 days since you have received your policy documents, you can still cancel and receive a partial refund subject to the terms and conditions of your policy if you have paid annually. If you are paying by monthly instalment and you cancel, no further payments will be collected from the cancellation date and there will be no refund of payments already made.

Please note that if you have made a claim on your policy which has been paid, you will not be eligible for a refund of premiums unless your pet has passed away. If you are paying by monthly instalment you will either need to continue making monthly payments or pay the outstanding premium for the remainder of the policy year.

*Limits of the level of cover offered by each plan are outlined on the table opposite.