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Farm Insurance

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Cover up to €2.6 million, to protect against costs associated with gradual environmental damage and pollution, including own land and third-party clean-up costs.

Legal expenses cover provides legal costs of up to €150,000 per claim, and up to €1,500,000 for any one period of insurance. It covers issues such as property disputes, alleged wrongful dismissal of employees or contract disagreements.

Option to include cover for up to €13 million for employer liability claims. This cover is available for both family and non-family workers.

Option to cover for farm jeeps used for farming, social, domestic and pleasure purposes only. Restricted to 2-seater commercial jeeps and commercial crew cab.

Option to include cover for up to 24 months income if you are unable to work on your farm due to unforeseen circumstances.

Option to include cover to provide you with an income due to hospitalisation as a result of unforeseen sickness. The benefit is payable from the fifth day in hospital up to a maximum of 12 weeks.