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Life Insurance Payments

We understand that everybody’s different, so you can choose the payment method that suits you best. Check out our range of options.

You can choose to pay your premium by:

  • Monthly direct debit payments
  • Debit / credit card
  • One4all gift cards


No, the premium is fixed throughout the term of your life choice policy and will remain the same once the benefits are not amended during the policy term. However; if you have chosen the increasing cover option (indexation) then provided premiums have been paid, we will increase the premium and the protection benefits on each policy anniversary by 3% per annum; if you have chosen increasing cover then this will be stated on your original policy schedule.

You can pay in monthly instalments by Direct Debit.

No, our Over 50s Funeral Plan is a regular premium protection policy where payments are made monthly. We have a range of ways for you to pay for your chosen funeral plan.

No. Your regular payments are guaranteed never to increase or decrease.

Your regular payments depend on your age and the amount of cover you want. The minimum regular payment is €15 a month.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your premiums are received when due. If your premiums are not received when due or you stop paying your premiums or cancel your policy during the term, then your policy and any protection benefits it offers, will cease and no benefits will be payable.

In the case of life choice your underwriter will allow you 30 days for payment from the date that the premium is due. If the premium is not received within 30 days of being due your policy and protection benefits will cancel immediately without further notice and you are no longer on cover for any protection benefits. If you have assigned your policy, we are obliged to notify the assignee (the lender) that premiums have not been paid and that cover no longer applies.