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Funeral Insurance Getting Insured

We care about protecting what matters to you. Get a quick quote for great value insurance online, in person or over the phone.

Our Standard Benefits

If you’re aged between 50 and 75 and resident in the Republic of Ireland, you are eligible for this product, which means you don’t need to worry about any medical questions, check-ups or reports.

You will not be asked any medical questions and no medical check-ups or reports will be needed now or at any time throughout your cover.

Your loved ones can claim a lump sum payment, up to a maximum of €30,000 (depending on your monthly contributions) to cover funeral expenses or other outstanding bills at the time of your passing - once your policy has been in force for 2 years or more. And in the unlikely event that your death takes place within the first 2 years of your policy being in force, your dependants will receive a sum equal to the amount you have paid into the policy at that time.

Premiums to Suit You

You can choose the monthly premium you would like to pay and we can then tell you the level of life cover this will secure for you, or you can choose a level of life cover and we will then tell you how much of a monthly premium you will have to pay.

Ease of Application

Having first decided on the level of life cover and agreed on the amount of premium to pay all you need to do is complete and return your application form and make your first premium payment, it’s that simple.

Premiums Cease at the Age of 85, but Life Cover Will Continue Until You Die

Your monthly premium payments will cease when you reach the age of 85. However, your life cover will continue until you die.

Full Life Cover Benefit Payable after 2 Years

In the unlikely event that your death takes place within the first 2 years of your policy being in force, your dependants will receive a sum equal to the amount that you have paid into the policy at the time of your death. The full death benefit becomes payable on death after the first 2 years of the policy being in force.

Consistent Level of Life Cover & Unchanging Premiums

The level of life cover you choose and your monthly premium payments will not change throughout the entire term of your plan.

Choice of Flexible Payment Methods

You can choose to pay your monthly premiums either by Direct Debit or at your local Post Office – the choice is yours!

Peace of Mind & Security for Your Loved Ones

In the event of your death, the lump sum amount paid to your family can help ease uncertainty and worry over their immediate financial security at a difficult time.

Travel Accident Benefit

If while your policy is in force, you have a motor accident or an accident as a fare-paying passenger or pedestrian and you die as a result of this accident within 3 months, your beneficiaries will receive double the amount of your selected life cover.

Funeral Insurance Tips

No one understands your financial situation better than you. That means you should avoid letting someone else tell you how much protection you need. You can get a rough estimate of your insurance needs by adding together your debt, estimated funeral costs, and six months to a year of income replacement. You need the policy that’s right for you and your family’s financial situation.

Don’t be afraid to ask the advisor questions. You should know the product inside out before buying it. What happens if I change my mind about cover or need more cover? How long are premiums guaranteed for? What are the exclusions?

Make sure you do your research before purchasing an insurance product. Make sure it fits your needs and budget, and make sure you understand the contract. The advisor is obligated to explain it to you. Don’t sign until you understand the contract.

An Post Insurance is a tied agent of New Ireland Assurance Company plc for life assurance business. Life assurance policies are underwritten and provided by New Ireland Assurance Company plc.