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Farm Insurance Policy

We've gathered all the details you need to better understand your farm insurance options. Take a look at our FAQs and learn more about how we can help you get the cover you deserve at the price you prefer.

Your Policy

Farms less than 100 acres would suit our Smart Farm Easy Policy.

Farms larger than 100 acres requiring specific, customised cover should check out our Smart Farm Choices Policy.

Depending on the policy and additional options you choose, cover is available for the following:

  • You
  • Your home and is contents
  • Your farm buildings and contents
  • Your machinery
  • Members of the public
  • Your livestock
  • Your tools & equipment
  • Your income
  • Your crops

Livestock Option to include specific cover for the death or necessary slaughter of your livestock. Protect your animals in case of fire, lightning, explosion, storm, electrocution, the collapse of slats, while in transit or while on foot away from your farm.

Farm Outbuildings & Contents Option to include extensive cover for outbuildings and contents, including storm cover. Outbuilding contents cover is also available.

Farm-dwelling House Option to include farmhouse and contents cover to protect your home and your business — including business contents, fire brigade charges and accidental damage cover.

You have an option to add Employers Liability cover which will protect both family and non-family workers. Our policy provides cover for up to €13 million if employers liability is chosen.

Tractors and agricultural vehicles including diggers, loaders and quads: Option to include third party, fire and theft, or comprehensive cover for farm vehicles. Trailer cover is also available.

Jeep Insurance: Option to cover for farm jeeps used for farming, social, domestic and pleasure purposes only. Restricted to 2-seater commercial jeeps or 5-seater flat back seat crew cabs.

You have the option to include cover all your specialist equipment, including bulk milk tank, A.I. flasks, cameras, tack, trailers, calving cameras, and more. Our Team can discuss these options with you.

Cover Options

A policy excess is the part of a claim that is paid by the policyholder rather than the insurance company. For example, if there was a €200 excess and a claim for €5,000 of damage. The insurance company would contribute €4,800 towards the damage, i.e. €5,000 minus the €200 excess.

Public Liability protects you if your negligence (or your employees’ negligence) causes damage or injury to the public. Standard cover of up to €6.5 million for public liability claims. Public Liability cover does not protect you against injury to an employee or voluntary helper on the farm. You will need Employers Liability cover for this.

Environmental Liability protects against costs associated with gradual environmental damage and pollution, including own land and third-party clean-up costs. Cover up to €2.6 million

Legal expenses cover provides legal costs of up to €150,000 per claim, and up to €1,500,000 for any one period of insurance. It covers issues such as property disputes, alleged wrongful dismissal of employees or contract disagreements.

Personal accident cover is an optional additional benefit you can choose which provides you with an income if you are unable to work on your farm due to an accident. The payment starts after one week and can be used to pay someone while you're unable to work.

Temporary total disablement is payable for a maximum of 104 weeks and a weekly payment limit of between €300 and €700 applies depending on the option you have selected.

Temporary Partial Disablement (which would be the most common claim) is payable for a maximum of 26 weeks and a weekly payment limit of between €150 and €350 applies depending on the option you have selected. Our Team can discuss these options with you.

This cover is an optional additional benefit you can chose which provides you with an income due to hospitalisation as a result of unforeseen sickness. The benefit is payable from the fifth day in hospital up to a maximum of 12 weeks. You can either opt for cover of up to €350 or €700 of weekly benefit.

An Post Insurance Farm Insurance is underwritten by AXA Insurance DAC.