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Working Gun Dog Insurance

Protect your Gun Dog with our Pet Insurance cover Get a quote
Working Gun Dog | Pet Insurance | An Post Insurance

We're Human About Insurance

Whether you own a Cocker Spaniel, a Pointer, a Retriever or another specialist breed, we know that your Gun Dog is more than just a companion to you.

How we Help

How we can help | Customer Care | An Post Insurance

Wallet-Friendly Protection

We know that everybody wants to get great value pet insurance, so we offer competitive prices giving you much needed peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s well-being.

How we can help | Customer Care | An Post Insurance

Real Customer Care

We're powered by people just like you, living in communities all over Ireland. The claims helpline is available five days a week - you can trust us to get the help you need.

How we can help | Customer Care | An Post Insurance

Benefits and Bonuses

We provide cover with a range of benefits available - check out our Features and Benefits section below for more.*

How we can help | Customer Care | An Post Insurance

Stress-Free Cover

Get the peace of mind of good protection. If things go wrong, our underwriters will be there to help you manage the costs of caring for your pet.

*Please refer to our policy document for full cover and terms and conditions that apply.

Our Cover Options

Many Pet Insurance policies exclude cover for your Gun Dogs while they are on a shoot but with An Post Insurance you can now insure your Gun Dog for accidents or illness, even while they train and work.

Working Gun Dog  | Pet Insurance | An Post Insurance

Life Time Cover for your Gun Dog

We offer cover* at new business for your dog from 8 weeks until 6 years. If you renew your cover each year without a break, there is no upper age limit and we will continue to offer cover for your dog. 

*Lifetime cover is available on our Gun Dog policy for ongoing conditions and subject to the renewal of the policy with no gap and excluding pre-existing conditions. Please refer to our policy document for full cover details and terms and conditions that apply.

Cover ScopeGun Dog
Annual Veterinary Fee LimitUp to €4,000
Policy Type Lifetime
Complementary MedicineUp to €250
Theft/Straying  Up to €1,000
Advertising & Reward  Up to €1,000 
Boarding FeesUp to €1,000 

Please note the above covers are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions which can be found in the Policy Document

Features and Benefits 

Our underwriters' comprehensive insurance plans have been designed with you and your pet in mind. Our great range of benefits will help you get the best of care for your best friend.

Boarding Kennels  |Pet Insurance | An Post Insurance

24 Hour Vet Helpline

Access to a national network of registered veterinary nurses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Vet Fees | Pet Insurance |An Post Insurance

Veterinary Fees for Injury and Illness

Your gun dog can be covered for treatment for injury and illness up to €4,000.*

Protect your pet  | Pet Insurance | An Post Insurance

Advertising / Reward

You can claim up to €1,000 for the cost of advertising and offering a reward for the return of your missing dog.*

Pet Theft and Return | Pet Insurance |An Post Insurance

Theft or Straying

With our policy, you can claim the purchase price of your dog up to €1,000, if your pet is lost and not found within 45 days of straying or being stolen.*

*Limits of the level of cover offered by each plan are outlined on the table above.

We value your feedback

You folks are the best customer services team in Ireland. I would never move away from yous. Thank you so much for your help on this. Have a great day and mind yourselves. Lorraine 06.07.2022

Good to Know

We've gathered together all the details you need to better understand our working gun dog insurance product. Take a look at our FAQs and learn more about how we can help you protect what matters most to you.

Gun Dog Premier Plus provides cover for illness and injury specifically for Gun Dogs. Gun Dogs are any dog that has been trained to work with a gun or gamekeeper and is used to locate game by pointing or setting, and/or to find game and flush it out for the guns and/or to find and retrieve fallen game.

Yes, when selecting the breed, please select the most dominant breed. If neither of your pet’s breeds appear please contact our customer service line and we will be able to look further into the matter for you.

There is no cover for any pre-existing illnesses or injuries with this policy. This includes any illnesses which developed or started showing clinical signs before or within the first 14 days of the policy start date. Injuries which occur before or within the first 48 hours of the policy start date will not be covered.

We define a shoot as the use of Your Gun Dog for the pursuit of any non-domesticated mammal or bird for sport or food, whether formal or informal walked up or rough shooting, driven shooting or wildfowling or duck shooting, including use in competitions and field trials.

While your dog is actively involved in these events, they will be covered subject to the policy terms and conditions for injury and illness. There is no cover for Third Party Liability on this policy. 

Veterinary claims will be subject to a €175 fixed excess which is payable per condition per policy year.

If your pet is aged 5 years or above on the start date of the policy year, there will also be a 15% percentage excess of the remaining amount claimed after the fixed excess has been deducted. Please see your policy booklet for an example.

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