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Because you work hard as a farmer, we at An Post Insurance know how important it is to protect your farm and everything on it. That’s why our insurance advisors will look to your individual needs and will work with you to find the policy that best suits your farm – with a range of customisable options from public liability cover, to cover for your home to your outhouses and your farm vehicles. 

The best policy is the one that fits your needs exactly. If your farm is less than 80 acres, our Smart Farm Easy could be for you. Or for larger farms requiring specific, customised cover, our Smart Farm Choices should give you all the cover you need for peace of mind. Our range of cover options provides a variety of choices for your farm machinery, produce, livestock and farm buildings.

You can contact our farm insurance team directly on 1890 22 22 22. Alternatively you can complete the Callback form and we will arrange to call you back at a time that suits you.

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Standard Benefits for both Smart Farm Easy & Smart Farm Choice

Protecting you if you or your employees are held responsible for accidental injury to clients, customers or the public. Standard cover of up to €6.5 million for public liability claims.

Cover up to €2.6 million, to protect against costs associated with gradual environmental damage and pollution, including own land and third-party clean-up costs.

Legal expenses cover provides legal costs of up to €150,000 per claim, and up to €1,500,000 for any one period of insurance. It covers issues such as property disputes, alleged wrongful dismissal of employees or contract disagreements.

Some Additional Benefits you can choose to add on for both Smart Farm Easy & Smart Farm Choice

Option to include cover for up to €13 million for employer liability claims. This cover is available for both family and non-family workers.

  • Livestock – Option to include specific cover for the death or slaughter on humane grounds of your livestock. Protect your animals in case of flood, fire, lightning, explosion, storm, electrocution, collapse of slats, livestock on foot and livestock in transit.
  • Farm outbuildings and contents – Option to include extensive cover for outbuildings and contents, including storm cover. Mixed outbuilding contents cover available under single valuations. There’s no need to break down your contents between hay and straw, agricultural produce, and implements and utensils. Simply provide us with a single figure to cover your outbuildings content. Subject to terms and conditions.
  • Farm-dwelling house – Option to include farmhouse and contents cover to protect your home and your business – including business contents, fire brigade charges and accidental damage cover.

Option to include third party, fire and theft, or comprehensive cover for farm vehicles. Trailer cover is also available.

Option to cover for farm jeeps used for farming, social, domestic and pleasure purposes only. Restricted to 2-seater commercial jeeps and commercial crew cab.

Some Additional Benefits you can choose to add on for Smart Farm Choices

Option to include cover for up to 24 months income if you are unable to work on your farm due to unforeseen circumstances.

Option to include cover to provide you with an income due to hospitalisation as a result of unforeseen sickness. The benefit is payable from the fifth day in hospital up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

Option to include protection against loss of livestock, stolen and unrecovered, due to theft, as well as the option to protect the farm tools you own against theft if your insured farm property is broken into. This is available as an add-on. Theft of diesel is included in your cover at no extra cost when outbuildings are insured.

  • Basic Income – Option to include cover for the loss of your Basic Payment Scheme due to accidental damage of items covered under farm outbuildings or their contents.
  • Milk – Option to include cover loss or deterioration of milk contained in the tank, including loss due to failure of any thermostatic controlling device, the public supply of electricity, or damage to the bulk milk tank where such failure is not the result of a deliberate act. It also covers loss of your own milk if it’s rejected by the Co-Op because of accidental contamination by antibiotic residue and failure of the Co-op to collect.
  • Crops – Option to include cover for loss of or damage to growing crops caused by fire, lightning, explosion, impact and aircraft.
  • Pedigree Livestock – Option to include cover for death or infertility is available as part of the farm policy.
  • Forestry – Option to include protection for storm and reinstatement cover, and fire cover.
  • Sheep Flock – Option to include protection for your sheep flock against fatal injury or necessary slaughter arising from dog attack or dog/sheep worrying.

Option to include cover all your specialist equipment, including bulk milk tank, A.I. flasks, cameras, tack, trailers, calving cameras, and more.

An Post Insurance Farm Insurance is underwritten by AXA Insurance DAC.