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Personal Cyber Insurance

Protect you and your family from Cyber Crime
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Cyber Insurance - Protect yourself online - An Post Insurance

We're Human About Insurance

We know technology is firmly a part of everyday life, there is very little we do these days that doesn't involve it. From our office, home and personal lives technology can connect them all together. However, it means that also gives cyber-criminals the opportunity to connect with the online you, and with your personal and sensitive information. An Post Insurance is a 100% Irish-owned company, so we understand what matters most to you. Along with our other car, home, travel, and business protection options, we are now introducing Personal Cyber Insurance.

Our Cover Options

Protect you and your family from cyber threats with insurance cover^ that provides the support and means to fight cyber-bullying and identify theft as well as reimbursement for many of the costs associated with cyber-attacks and viruses. From just 30c a day**, you can choose from the following cover options and what's more, the first month is free~

~The first month is free and thereafter you pay either €4.99 or €8.99 depending on the policy cover chosen. This will amount to an 8.3% discount if the cover remains in place for 12 months. You can cancel at any time.
*Includes 5% government levy and stamp duty. 
**30c a day equates to €8.99 per month and covers the Family Personal Cyber Insurance option
^Limits apply to cover under each benefit listed, which are outlined in the table below.

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Don't forget with An Post Insurance Personal Cyber Insurance the first month is free~...

Protect you and your family from cyber threats

Technology is firmly a part of our everyday lives. From our office, home, and personal lives technology can connect them all together. However, that also gives cyber-criminals the opportunity to connect with the online you, and with your personal and sensitive information. Learn more about personal cyber insurance with this video.

Features and Benefits

We understand that keeping you and your family safe online can be difficult to do. We’re all spending more of our lives online – chatting with friends on social media, shopping for the best deals or paying for various products and services. But these everyday activities can leave us exposed to online criminals. Your Personal Cyber Insurance policy provides you with financial benefits in the event your electronic device(s) suffer from a cyber-attack, or you suffer incidents of cyber fraud or cyber bullying. For just €4.99* per month, you’ll get cover^ for:

Cyber Insurance - Cyber Damage Repair - An Post Insurance

Online Shopping Fraud

When those amazing online deals don’t materialise, they can quickly become too good to be true. If you have purchased goods or services online and have never received them because the site and seller turn out to be fraudulent, you are covered.

Cyber Insurance - Cyber Risk Prevention - An Post Insurance

Hacker Damage

If your device has been infected by a virus or hacked and it’s no longer working, our cyber experts will do everything in their power to repair, reinstate and recover your data. Our cyber team will use their expertise to repair, reinstate, and recover your data as quickly as possible. We may also be able to provide a replacement device.

Cyber Insurance - Protect yourself online - An Post Insurance

Cyber Helpline

We’re here to answer all your cyber-related queries from viruses, to phishing emails to device security. Our cyber experts can offer you guidance and support, as well as useful tips on how to spot cyber fraud.

Cyber Insurance - Cyber Prevention - An Post Insurance

Cyber Security Portal#

Your personalised cyber dashboard will help you stay safe online with 24/7 monitoring of your email addresses and devices, and will let you know if your data has been leaked, and provide solutions on how to protect yourself.

#Cyber security portal operated by 

Personal Cyber Insurance Benefits Limits Table 

Benefits Individual Cover LimitsFamily Cover LimitsExcess (where applicable)
Online Shopping Fraud Up to €2,000Up to €2,500€50
Cyber Extortion Up to €1,000Up to €2,000€50
Identity Theft Up to €5,000Up to €7,500€50
Cyber BullyingUp to €5,000Up to €7,500€100
Hacker DamageUp to €2,500Up to €5,000€50
Social EngineeringUp to €2,000Up to €4,000€50


We value your feedback

It was very easy to follow online to complete my Insurance and when I had to ring to ask some questions they were very helpful. I’m not very good with technology and they made it very easy for me to follow the steps I needed to complete my form. Would definitely recommend to friends. Great value for money. Susan 29.08.2023

Good to Know 

We've gathered together all the details you need to better understand your personal Cyber Insurance options. Take a look at our FAQs and learn more about how we can help you protect what matters most to you.

Personal Cyber Insurance is protection for a life lived online – shopping, socialising, banking and lots more. Technology has opened up a new digital world for us all, but it has also created a new avenue for cybercriminals to exploit.

At An Post Insurance, we understand the complexity of cyber threats and offer our customers a broad range of covers to keep you and your family’s digital lives safe.

An Post Insurance Personal Cyber Insurance provides you with a range of covers to help prevent cyber-attacks; reimburse you in case of financial loss from cybercrime and can pay legal expenses in case of cyber bullying or identity theft*.

We offer an ongoing monthly subscription to protect your everyday personal cyber risks, meaning the policy is automatically renewed monthly until you cancel the policy

*Limits apply to each cover available. These are outlined in the table above.

Antivirus software offers limited protection for today’s cyber risks and An Post Insurance Personal Cyber Insurance is designed to support you where antivirus doesn’t.

This includes instances such as hacker damage, where we will either repair or replace your device; or cyber bullying and identity theft, where we can provide legal expenses cover; as well as phishing attacks, where our cover can give you financial protection so you’re not out of pocket*.

*Limits apply to each cover available. These are outlined in the table above.

You pay for Personal Cyber Insurance through automatic monthly premium. We deduct the premium on the 11th of each month, but it can take up to seven days before you can see the deduction on your bank statement.

The Cyber Support Helpline can be contacted on 01 440 1748. Opening hours are 9:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.

You can make a claim online by contacting us via by phone, email or online. 

Cancellation rights within 14 working days: You have the right to cancel your policy at any time within 14 working days and receive a full refund, providing no claims have been made. Cancellation rights start from the date you purchase the policy, or you receive the full terms and conditions of the policy, whichever is later.

Cancellation rights after 14 working days: You may cancel your cover at any time. The cancellation shall take effect from midnight on the last day of the month following that in which the cancellation notice is sent. If the premium for the following month has already been paid, we will refund the premium already paid, without any deduction.

If you wish to cancel you can contact us on 1800 320 320 from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday or via email at Anpostinsurance.cyber@Chubb.com.

No, currently An Post Insurance Personal Cyber Insurance is only available to purchase online.

An Post Insurance Personal Cyber Insurance is arranged, administered and underwritten by Chubb European Group SE.

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